Wednesday, August 8, 2007

20 Newfound Friends

(Curtis stretching it out) (Getting comfy)
(Paul-Anton, Allison, Phillip, Tanya)
(Me and Georg striking a pose)

(The German boys - Phillip, Christian, Peter, Georg, Paul Anton)

(me and Damaso)
(Phillip, Georg, Peter, Lara)


We came from all different directions of the world - all parts of America, North Germany, South Germany, China, Italy - but our common thread was that we were the 20 chosen for an adventure of a life time.

We met in Washington DC for 4 days of transatlantic discussions and enlightenment. We had an array of speakers who stirred thought, opened our minds, and crossed all borders. But the most inspiring was the warm hand each fellow extended to another.

I have never seen so many people, with different backgrounds, quickly bond after one night and lay down all walls of superiority and defense.

I believe pure excitement broke down the barriers. We were eager and anxious to make this the best opportunity and become the most memorable group of fellows.

Let the games begin!